How would Washington respond to a major cyber attack? This man found out.

Matthew Rhoades

Matthew Rhoades, Director, Cyberspace & Security Program, Truman National Security Project & Center for National Policy

  This spring, at the Washington Plaza hotel, the response to a major cyber attack played out in real time, with Capitol Hill staff, cyber security experts and members of the military working rapidly to draft legislation that could prevent future damage. The good news — it was all a simulation, designed by Matt Rhoades to test the effectiveness of the White House’s recent Cybersecurity Framework.

Rhoades is Director of the Cyberspace & Security Program at the Truman National Security Project, where he leads the program’s Steering Committee and directs the organization’s cyber security policy initiatives. He is also a speaker at the 2014 Cyber Security Summit in Minneapolis (Oct. 21-22), where he will share what he learned during the simulation and more.

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Cyber Security Summit 2014
October 21-22, 2014
Minneapolis, MN


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