The #1 Target of Cyberattacks

Companies with 250 or fewer employees are the primary focus of all cyberattacks

Ready Access: Over 90% of small business are connected to broadband providers and conduct business operations over the internet. This gives hackers a broadband internet connection with which to connect to your business network.

Low Risk: A Symantec survey found 85% of small businesses think their companies are cyber-secure, but most of these businesses do not have a cybersecurity strategy or plan in place. In fact, it has likely been years since most small and medium sized companies have had a cybersecurity assessment or penetration test performed.

Quick Reward: The personal and credit card information of owners, employees, and customers all have immediate cash value on the black market. Why would cyber-criminals spend months trying to hack the bank, when they can compromise the credentials of the payroll manager to steal your payroll in a matter of weeks?

Occam Group speaks the language of business and uses technology as a force multiplier to create sustainable competitive advantage.

When was the last time you performed a cybersecurity assessment? Occam Group speaks the language of business, to help you use technology as a force multiplier to protect your business and create sustainable competitive advantage.

Contact Occam Group today at 952-562-8998 to schedule your cybersecurity assessment.

Cyber Security Summit 2015
October 20-21, 2015
Minneapolis, MN


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